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Financial Policies of the Shawmut Baptist Daycare
The success of our center depends upon the prompt payment of tuition/fees. 

The viability of the Daycare is totally dependent on the tuition and fees collected.

  • Registration Fee: There The $50 fee will be prorated for enrolling children depending on the month of enrollment.

  • Weekly Payment of Tuition: Tuition is payable weekly in advance and is due Friday by 5:30PM. Payment may be made by check, money order or cash. 

  • Late Payment Penalty: There will be a 10% penalty on all late unpaid balances. The penalty is applied effective the last Friday of the month at 5:31 PM. 

  • Denial of Childcare: Parents who have outstanding balances for two weeks straight will be denied childcare the following Monday. 

  • Two Week Notice of Withdrawal: Parents are required to give a minimum of two weeks notice of the withdrawal of their child(ren) from the Daycare. Failure to give two weeks notice will result in the parent being responsible for the payment due for the two weeks missed.

  • Repeated late payments may be grounds for termination of Daycare services 

  • Late Pick up charge: Parent's are charged $1.00 a minute for picking up their children late after 5:30PM closing.​

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Shawmut Baptist Daycare Weather Closings
Unforeseen weather related closings are an unfortunate reality with Daycare scheduling. Shawmut Baptist Daycare rates are competitive and are are calculated in such a way that we try and factor in weather related closings each year. 

Thanks for you understanding that we do not offer account credits or discounts for such closings.